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Facing Fear

Sep 09 2019, - by Helen Clear

A while back, Tracey (who attends class at the studio) posted on Instagram asking how we move from a practice that is inwardly focused and centred around the self to an outward practice of compassionate work in the community. ..


Difficult Discussions within the Iyengar Community

May 27 2019, - by Helen Clear

Our blog this time covers an issue that we feel needs to be discussed openly. We have talked several times about recent events within the Iyengar Yoga international community, and we wish to have an open conversation.

This has been a difficult blog to write, and has been delayed due to discussions with ourselves, our friends and our teachers. Please be aware that the material in this blog and particularly in some of the links may disturb some readers.

Regards, ..


Yoga Sequencing

Mar 25 2019, - by Helen Clear

Have you ever noticed that in a yoga class, we generally start with something quiet, then some standing poses? We always end with Savasana (corpse pose). What comes just before Savasana? An inverted pose - possibly legs up the wall, or Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)? Or perhaps a quiet sitting pose.  ..


Creating a Yoga Space

Mar 18 2019, - by Helen Clear

I have been looking through the teachers' notes from the Home Practice Workshop recently. In the Home Practice Workshop, we conduct an exercise where we consider the space that we use for yoga at home, and what makes it a space that's conducive to yoga. We tend to take for granted that the space here at the studio is conducive to a yoga practice, but a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the space that we all come to in Penrith Yoga Studio. ..


Why Am I Here?

Mar 05 2019, - by Helen Clear

We're all part of a yoga community in some form or another, whether you're reading this just because you like reading this type of article, or whether you're someone who comes to class almost every day. Like all communities, there are different levels of involvement, different ways to be involved.  ..


Self Soothing

Jan 29 2019, - by Bruce Standley

My partner and I certainly can’t claim to be young Dads, but we are new Dads. ..


Perception is Reality?

Nov 06 2018, - by Helen Clear

This morning in class I showed Kate how, because she hyperextends her knee, when she bends the knee (just slightly), her leg is straight. She gave me a look like she thought I might be a little bit crazy. She said, “but it doesn’t feel straight”. ..


Yoga vs. Defqon.1

Sep 21 2018, - by Bruce Standley

The Defqon.1 Festival hit Penrith over the weekend and drew a huge crowd to the International Regatta Centre. ..


Plus Size Yoga - Part 2

Jul 10 2018, - by Helen Clear

"... seeing a healthy body as one that is vital, sensual, at ease, regardless of its size and shape." ..


Plus Size Yoga - Part 1

May 20 2018, - by Helen Clear

I looked around the group of usually vibrant, fresh-faced women in my class, and on this day I saw bags under eyes, pale skin, a dullness in their step. A bit of chat established that yes, it had been a big week, everyone was tired and we would tone the class down a little. I left a good 20 minutes at the end for very quiet, passive poses. We lay over bolsters in a supported, open position. I talked through some practices to settle the mind. I watched as one student – Sarah - began to sob. Her body shook gently, but she stayed as she was, quietly letting her emotions come to the fore. She sobbed quietly like that for several minutes. ..