Keeping Good Mental Health

Updated: Aug 7

It's hard to remember how life was a month ago. On March 22nd, we trialled our first online yoga classes. That day, the national cabinet met and declared that all yoga studios were required to close. So our "trial" became the beginning of the new normal. We made some big decisions in a short space of time. There was one decision that was different to some other yoga studios. We decided to move all classes online, keeping our timetable running (almost exactly) as it was. (We did make one small change - the before work classes moved to be earlier so that people could do the class from home, then leave for work).  Keeping the timetable means you can keep your routine. When so much has changed in such a short space of time, it helps to have some things that haven't changed. Your 7pm Tuesday class is still a 7pm Tuesday class, still with the same people, it's just conducted online now.  A quick search for good mental health during lockdown shows numerous articles advising what we should do to stay mentally well right now. Every article that I looked at inclu