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Be In Touch With Your Body

Strengthen Your Legs for an Active Birth

Learn Breathing Techniques for Labour

Start in any Foundations class or Beginners Course, and supplement with private sessions with Helen.

Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy and also during labour. We encourage pregnant women to come to class at least once a week during pregnancy*. Our qualified teachers will assist you and ensure you get the personal attention you need.

In your private sessions with Helen you can learn about specific poses that are really helpful during pregnancy and how to modify your practice over the course of your pregnancy. Closer to delivery, you can explore breathing techniques and poses for labour, including with a support person. We suggest you bring your partner or a support person who will be present at the birth.

* As long as the pregnancy is normal and you have not been advised otherwise. Please contact us if there are complications we need to be aware of.


Book for a Beginners Course or Foundations class. Come weekly with a 1 Class/Week pass, or more often with an Unlimited pass.


We recommend you supplement your class with at least 2 private sessions with Helen - one when you first start with us, another before delivery. In the first session we will establish some broad principles to apply in class throughout the pregnancy. The second session will be when you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy, close to delivery time. We will explore positions for labour, breathing techniques and the roll of the support person. Please bring your partner and/or other support people to this session. Additional private sessions can be organised as necessary, but in most cases 2 private sessions is sufficient.

Yoga During Pregnancy, Antenatal Yoga, Prenatal Yoga 

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