Frequently Asked Questions

Penrith Yoga Studio
Before You Come to Class
Can I just turn up?

Yes, but we prefer bookings. This will make your first experience with the studio run most smoothly. You can attend classes casually with the purchase of a 1 Class Pack

Do I need to bring equipment?

Just bring yourself. If you have your own mat that you would like to bring, you can, but the studio is fully equipped with mats, etc.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move in. Mostly women wear tights, men wear bicycle pants or shorts.

Can I eat before class?

Yoga on a full stomach is unpleasant. It's a good idea to leave at least an hour (preferably two) after a small meal before practising yoga. A large meal requires 3-4 hours before yoga practice.

Is yoga a religion?

No. Anyone can practice yoga regardless of religious beliefs. If you follow a religion, yoga can be complementary.

When is the next Beginners Course?

Beginners Courses are listed here: Beginners Yoga Courses

Injuries and Conditions
Is yoga OK for my back?

Yoga is great for backs! Many people come to yoga precisely because of back pain and find significant relief. You should let your teacher know if you suffer from back pain, and tell us about any diagnosed condition you have and any medical advice you have been given. You may be given alternatives for some poses.

Can yoga help with anxiety or depression?

Several studies have shown that yoga has a positive effect on anxiety and depression.
See our blog post on handling Christmas stress

I have an existing injury/condition. Can I still come to yoga?

Most injuries and conditions can be allowed for in class. You may be given alternatives to some poses as required. Once you book we will ask you about anything that we need to be aware of.

Can I do yoga if I'm menstruating?

The practice of yoga involves being in touch with our bodies so that ultimately we can be in touch with our essential self. This relates to menstruation as it does to any other condition. Menstruation (or another condition) does not mean you don't do yoga, but it may mean that some poses are modified or omitted temporarily. In class, we may ask if anyone is menstruating, and we may ask you to approach your yoga differently on some days of your menstrual cycle.

The Studio
Do I need to bring equipment?

Just bring yourself. If you have your own mat that you would like to bring, you can, but the studio is fully equipped with mats, etc.

Is there a toilet at the studio?

Yes. You will need to ask us for the key.

Is there a change room at the studio?

We have a screen for changing in private.

Which Class?
Can I start the Beginners Course late?

Our Beginners Courses run across 5 weeks. The course allows for late starters in week 2, but after that we prefer you to book for the next course. The course builds week by week, so starting after week 2 could potentially be confusing for you and disruptive to others. Attendance at the entire Beginners Course helps you to quickly gain familiarity and confidence with the yoga poses we cover.

I'm over 55. Do I need to go to a seniors class?

We no longer run a seniors class because we believe the answer to this question is No. Age-related issues such as arthritis, limited mobility and high blood pressure can be accommodated in beginners classes. If you are fit and healthy, Beginners is still a good place to start, but there is no reason not to progress from there to Foundations and General classes.

Should I go to plus size classes?

The purpose of the Plus Size class is for women to feel comfortable in the room. You can be any shape or size. The class is a Foundations level class, but you can attend with a Beginnners Pass.

When do the classes run?

You can see the timetable here: Timetable

Which class is right for me?

If you have never done yoga before, you should start with Beginners.
If you have some yoga experience that is not in the Iyengar style, we ask you to start in Foundations or Beginners. You can start with a membership or a class pack.
We would only wish you to start in General classes if you have been to General classes at an Iyengar Yoga studio elsewhere. You can start with a membership or a class pack.

If I’m away, can I put my membership on hold?

membership can be suspended at any time. You need to give us 2 weeks notice by email.

If I incur an injury, can I put my membership on hold?

Memberships can be suspended or cancelled at any time with 2 weeks notice. There is no penalty for cancellation.

I can't attend classes in school holidays. Is membership not relevant to me?

Membership is the most affordable way to attend class. You can suspend your membership over the school holidays. You just need to let us know by email 2 weeks in advance.

Which pass is right for me - Membership or Class Pack?

If you intend to come to class regularly, membership is likely to be the best option. It is the cheapest, set-and-forget option. You can choose membership that is unlimited (as many classes per week as you wish) or 1 class/week.
Some people prefer to simply pay for a set of classes and use them up in their own time. A class pack is a set of classes to be used within 4 months.

Is there a family discount?

You can share membership with a family member. See Family Memberships here: Membership

Can I pay cash?

Yes, but we keep this to a minimum. We prefer you to purchase your pass online and reserve your place in class before coming.

Can I claim my yoga classes with my health fund?

That depends on the health fund and the kind of cover that you have. Here is a list of "yoga-friendly" health funds: You may need to show your health fund your receipt, which has a BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia Membership Number on it. You may need to provide a doctor's referral. If your health fund is not in the list, you can still check with them.

Do you have Eftpos facilities?

Yes. You can pay at the studio by eftpos or credit card. A teacher is at the studio 15 minutes before and after class. However, if you purchase your pass online, you will be stepped through a process that asks about injuries and conditions and asks you to make a reservation in class. It helps us to know ahead of class who will be there and what we might need to accommodate in the class. For this reason, we encourage online bookings.

Is there a concession rate?

Yes. Beginners Passes, Membership and Class Packs all have concession rates. You will need to show a valid concession card - student card, seniors card, health care card or other relevant concession card on attendance.


If you have any further questions please contact us.