Beginners Yoga

Penrith Yoga Studio
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Beginners Yoga

Beginners Yoga Courses are 5 weeks with a choice of passes:
• Unlimited - Attend any number of Foundations and Plus Size classes within the dates of the pass.
• 1 class/week - Attend 5 classes of Foundations or Plus Size classes within the dates of the pass.
• Seniors/Student - Same as the 1 class/week pass, but discounted. A seniors or student card must be shown on first attendance.
There are 11 classes per week to choose from.

  • Beginners Pass 180702 EB
    • Beginners Pass
      Jul 2 to Aug 5
    • Early Bird Special
      20% Off

      Allows attendance at Beginners, Foundations and Plus Size classes from Jul 2 to Aug 5.
      Offer ends 24 June.

    • Choose Attendance Type:
      Unlimited Beginners Pass $125 $100
      1 Class/Week Beginners Pass $100 $80

  • Introduction To Yoga for Teenagers
    • Introduction to Yoga for Teenagers Pass
    • This pass allows high school students to get started in yoga with an 8 week course.
      • 1 class/week for 5 Weeks of Beginners Classes, then
      • 3 weeks of Foundations or General classes.
      Beginners Classes follow a structured course, building week by week - see here for Beginners Course dates. Foundations and General classes have an expanded syllabus beyond the Beginners Course.
      This pass is available to high school students only.

      Active Kids Rebate of $100 can be claimed for this pass.

      Active Kids Vouchers will be redeemed at the studio on arrival.
      Don't know about the Active Kids Program? Click here.

    • Active Kids Voucher:
      I Have a $100 Active Kids Voucher $20
      I Do Not Have a Voucher $120