Penrith Yoga Studio
An Iyengar Yoga School
Helen Clear - Penrith Yoga Studio Teacher

Helen Clear

I began yoga in 1991 when I had a 3 month old baby and just needed to get out of the house. There was a yoga studio nearby, and I started classes there, simply because it could be fitted between feeds. I often marvel at the fact that I could just as easily have gone to book club or pottery classes. I soon developed a regular practice, yoga became an integral part of my life, and I began teaching in 2007. I see yoga as a life practice - meaning that it sees me through all of life's ups and downs, and practice remains a constant regardless of what's happening for me at the time.

I did my teacher training with Lulu in Katoomba, and now I do professional development with Pixie in Balmain.

Bruce Standley - Penrith Yoga Studio Teacher

Bruce Standley

I started yoga in 1993 when I chanced upon an Iyengar school in Glebe in Sydney one Saturday morning. After taking one class a week for several years I began to deepen my practice with more frequent classes, as well as attending retreats and developing a home practice. Having moved to the Blue Mountains, I discovered Springwood Yoga Studio in 2010 and began teacher training with Lulu Bull from Blue Mountains Yoga Studio (Katoomba) in 2011. I am now a certified teacher of Iyengar Yoga.