Last update: 13 June 20.

1. All Passes

1.1 Your purchase of a pass or attendance at class represents your agreement with the current terms and conditions. Please note that Penrith Yoga Studio may need to change these terms and conditions from time to time. We will publish the date of any update in this document.

1.2 Prices displayed on the website are in $AUD and inclusive of GST.

1.3 Penrith Yoga Studio will be closed on public holidays that occur mid-week.

1.4 There is no change in pass price due to public holidays.

1.5 When a public holiday occurs on a Monday, creating a long weekend, Penrith Yoga Studio will be open on the Saturday morning and the Monday evening. The studio will be closed on the Sunday of a long weekend.

1.4 Penrith Yoga Studio will be closed for a break over the Christmas/New Year period. Closure dates may vary from year to year.

1.5 Penrith Yoga Studio will endeavour not to inconvenience students but may change the timetable at any time. Please check the timetable before attending class. Be aware that the downloadable PDF shows the plan for classes only. Do not use the downloadable timetable to check if a class is on.

1.6 A pass is valid only for the person or persons named in the pass.

2. Reservations

2.1 For the benefit of all students, class numbers are limited.

2.2 To be sure of your place in a class, we recommend that you make a reservation. Reservations can be made from the timetable on the Penrith Yoga Studio website - /class-reservations.

2.3 Places in a class are allocated with preference to students who have a reservation.

2.4 Penrith Yoga Studio reserves the right to ask you to leave if the class is full and you do not have a reservation.

2.5 A reservation can be cancelled by clicking on the link sent in the confirmation email. A reservation can be cancelled by phoning, texting or emailing the studio at info@penrithyogastudio.com.au or 0424 337 223 . When making a cancellation by phone or email, you need to provide your first name, last name and the date and time of the class you are cancelling.

2.6 As a courtesy to other students, we request that if you will not be attending class but you have a reservation, you cancel the reservation.

2.7 If you have a membership, standing reservations can be made with Penrith Yoga Studio. A standing reservation keeps your place in the same class each week indefinitely.

2.8 If you have a standing reservation that you do not cancel and do not attend the class, Penrith Yoga Studio reserve the right to treat the reservation as attendance.

2.9 If you repeatedly have standing reservations that you do not cancel and do not attend the class, Penrith Yoga Studio reserve the right to cancel the standing reservation.

3. Beginners Passes

3.1 A Beginners Pass is valid for 5 weeks after the date of first attendance.

3.2 An Unlimited Beginners Pass allows unlimited attendance, meaning attendance at as many Beginners and Plus Size classes as you wish while the pass is valid.

3.3 A Beginners Pass is valid for attendance at Beginners and Plus Size classes only.

3.4 Class make-ups can be made within the 5 week period that the Beginners Pass is valid. i.e If you miss a class you can come to any other Beginners or Plus Size class with the 5 week course.

3.5 Classes paid for on a Beginners Pass but not attended and not made up at another time within the 5 week period that the Beginners Pass is valid will be forfeited.

4. Membership

4.1 All Memberships

4.1.1 Purchase of a membership is a request to Penrith Yoga Studio to deduct a recurring payment from your credit card.

4.1.2 Memberships must be cancelled in writing by email to info@penrithyogastudio.com.au.

4.1.3 Where a special offer on a membership refers to a 3 month timeframe, this means 12 weekly payments or 6 fortnightly payments or 3 monthly payments.

4.2 Memberships with Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Payments

4.2.1 You can suspend your membership if you need to (for example if you are going on holiday, travelling for business, or unable to practice due to serious illness or injury). Minimum seven days notice by email prior to any membership suspension date is required.

4.2.2 There is a minimum suspension period of 2 weeks and the suspension must be in blocks of whole weeks. Please let us know the dates you will be away. We will suspend or adjust payments to match the length of time you will be away. We will set your membership pass to be paused for the dates you will be away, and re-activate the pass on your return.

4.2.3 All membership payments will be suspended over the Christmas/New Year closure period and restarted when the studio reopens.

4.2.4 You can cancel your membership with 1 payment's notice. This means if your payments are monthly, you must give a month's notice, if you payments are fortnightly you must give a fortnight's notice.

4.2.5 For the purposes of suspension, if your payments occur monthly, we will treat a 1 week block as being one quarter of a monthly payment. i.e. If you are away for 2 weeks, your monthly payment will be halved.

4.3 Annual Membership

4.3.1 Annual memberships cannot be stopped and started midway through the term of the membership.

4.3.2 Annual membership payments do not change over the Christmas break. The Christmas break has been factored into the annual price of membership.

4.3.3 Prior to the processing of your annual membership payment, if you know you will be away for an extended period during the coming year, Penrith Yoga Studio may be willing to offer a pro rata payment for the year. This will be negotiated on an individual basis prior to the annual payment. Penrith Yoga Studio reserves the right to refuse a pro rata payment. Request for an adjusted annual payment must be made by email a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the due date of the annual payment.

4.3.4 Cancellation of an annual membership must be done with a minimum of 2 weeks notice before the next annual payment is due.

4.4 Flexible Membership

4.4.1 Flexible membership is purchase of a class pack that will be automatically renewed when the classes have been used. This means that when the classes on the class pack have been used up, we will process your credit card for another class pack with the same number of classes at the current flexible membership rate. E.g. If Julie purchases a flexible membership 5 class pack for $113 then comes to 5 classes, we will process her credit card again, giving her another 5 class pack for $113.

4.4.2 If a class pack reaches its expiry date with some classes not used, we will not automatically renew the class pack.

5. Class Packs

5.1 A class pack allows attendance at the number of classes indicated on the pack (e.g. 1, 3, 5 or 10 classes).

5.2 A class pack becomes active on the date of first attendance.

5.3 A class pack has no expiry date other than the closure of Penrith Yoga Studio, in which case any class credits would be forfeited. 

6. Refunds

6.1 Penrith Yoga Studio does not offer refunds on passes where the student does not enjoy the classes for which they have paid or chooses not to attend.

6.2 Where serious illness or unforeseeable events prevent attendance at a beginners course, a credit may be offered for the remainder of the course. The offer of such a credit is at the discretion of Penrith Yoga Studio.

6.3 Purchase of a pass for which you are not elligible will not be honoured by Penrith Yoga Studio. Such a purchase will be treated as a credit towards a pass for which you are elligible. This includes but is not limited to the teenagers pass, concession rates, use of discount codes and purchase of additional classes for members.