Policies & Procedures

As part of our Covid 19 Safety Plan, we have introduced a set of policies and procedures to ensure hygiene, health and the best opportunity for everyone to come to class. We have formulated these policies and procedures with the intention of being fair to all students and to our teachers.

Please familiarise yourself with these policies and procedures before coming to class, so you know what to expect.

Hygiene Procedures
  • For face to face classes, the class is limited to 10 students. This more than fits with the 4 square metre rule, which technically would allow us to have 20 people in the room.

  • Please wash your hands before class. You can use the kitchen at the studio, or we will provide hand sanitizer.

  • When teachers adjust students, the teacher will sanitise their hands between adjustments. Please let us know if you do not wish to be adjusted.

  • There will be no pair-work in class.

  • Please place your mat in one of the designated areas. We have marked out spaces on the floor that are more than 1.5 metres apart.

  • We encourage you to bring your own equipment - mat, belt, blocks if that is practical.

  • You will have a "locker", (it's actually a set of shelves) which houses the equipment you will use in class. You can put your personal belongings in your "locker". Most of the equipment you use will come from your locker.

  • If you use the bolsters and foam pads at the studio, you will cover them with pillow cases. Please bring 4 pillow cases to class for this purpose.

  • For equipment with a hard surface, such as mats and blocks, you will be asked after class to spray shared equipment that you used. We will provide the spray.

  • For equipment with a fabric surface (blankets, belts, foam pads, bolsters), we will be setting aside used equipment for the next 3 days before being using them again. Please follow the instructions from the teacher as to which location you should return your equipment to.

  • If you are getting changed at the studio, please observe physical distancing of 1.5 metres and do not congregate at the shelves. We have placed green dots 1.5 metres apart. You will come into the room 3 at a time.

  • To access the toilets, you may need to use the toilet key. Please use hand sanitiser before and after use. (Hand sanitiser is available on the stage, near the equipment shelves.

  • Please observe physical distancing rules before entering the studio, while in the studio, and when leaving the studio - 1.5m distance between each person, maximum of 2 people at a time in the lift. ​

Cancellation Policy
  • If you have a reservation but cannot come to a class, please cancel the reservation. This can be done by clicking the link on the reminder email, or by signing in on our website and cancelling within your account.

  • Emailing or texting us does not count as a cancellation within our system. We appreciate an email or text, but please be sure to cancel the reservation as described above.

  • Cancellations made less than an hour before the class starts will be considered to be Late Cancellations. We reserve the right to punch a late cancellation against your pass, if we are not able to fill that space.

  • If you have a reservation but do not come to class, we reserve the right to mark you as a "No Show", which means your pass will be punched as though you had attended.

  • If you have an unlimited membership and repeatedly take a space in class as a No Show or Late Cancellation, we reserve the right to change your membership to restrict the number of reservations you can make each week.

  • We will no longer have standing reservations for classes. All students need to make a reservation for each class they wish to attend.

  • When a class is marked as full, a waiting list will be created. You can put your name on the waiting list, and you may get an email offering you a space if one becomes available. Places in class are allocated according to the first person to respond to the email.

Policy in Case of Illness

We understand that some students have allergies and respiratory conditions that are not the same as Covid-19. Please follow this policy in order to care for yourself and others.

  • If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please do not come to a face to face class.

  • Please follow the cancellation policy if you have a reservation for class.

  • If you begin to cough during class, we may offer you a mask to wear. We may also ask you to leave, for the health and safety of the teacher and students.

  • Our teachers will not come to class if they have any cold or flu-like symptoms. We will always endeavour to find a replacement teacher if this happens, but we will not send an unwell teacher to class if we cannot find a replacement. This means there is a chance of cancellation of a face to face class at short notice. If this happens we will send an email to everyone who has a reservation for the class, and follow up by ringing or texting each person who has a reservation. We recognise that this may inconvenience you. We will only cancel a class if we cannot find a replacement teacher.

  • Your pass will not be punched for a cancelled class.