Cancellation Policy
  • If you have a reservation but cannot come to a class, please cancel the reservation. This can be done by clicking the link on the reminder email, or by signing in on our website and cancelling within your account.

  • Emailing or texting us does not count as a cancellation within our system. We appreciate an email or text, but please be sure to cancel the reservation as described above.

  • Cancellations made less than an hour before the class starts will be considered to be Late Cancellations. We reserve the right to punch a late cancellation against your pass, if we are not able to fill that space.

  • If you have a reservation but do not come to class, we reserve the right to mark you as a "No Show", which means your pass will be punched as though you had attended.

  • If you have an unlimited membership and repeatedly take a space in class as a No Show or Late Cancellation, we reserve the right to change your membership to restrict the number of reservations you can make each week.

  • We no longer have standing reservations for classes. All students need to make a reservation for each class they wish to attend.

  • When a class is marked as full, a waiting list will be created. You can put your name on the waiting list, and you may get an email offering you a space if one becomes available. Places in class are allocated according to the first person to respond to the email.