Affordable Yoga

We believe in yoga for all. We want you still to be able to come to yoga if you or another member of the family have lost their job or are working reduced hours. Or perhaps you just have other financial concerns. We have introduced various ways to make yoga affordable.

We have concession rates for all memberships. These are 17% off the full price. These are suitable for students, seniors or a period of minor financial difficulty.

We have a membership that gives access to the content library only. You can have access to all our recorded classes and we are continually updating the library. 

If you already have a membership with us, and come into financial difficulty, we encourage you to move to a 1 month unlimited pass. You can set the price according to what is affordable for you. You can have this pass for as little as $10 per month. We ask only that this pass is used with discretion.​

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