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Yoga Equipment

Most of the equipment at Penrith Yoga Studio comes from Periodically, we will place an order with iyogaprops for sale to students. Equipment purchased through this website must be collected at the studio.

Next order: April 12

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* 10:30am classes are moving to 8:15 on February 11.
This timetable is indicative only. Please confirm your class by making a reservation.

  • Equipment-Kit-Deluxe
    • Home Practice Kit
    • Home Practice Kit - Deluxe

      Everything you'll need for home practice:
      2 Blocks
      1 Belt
      1 Bolster
      3 Blankets
      1 Mat (optional)

    • No Mat $190
      Grey Mat $222
      Blue Mat (Long) $225

  • Equipment-Blue Block
    • Blue Block
    • Blue block like the ones at the studio.

    • $10.00

  • Equipment-Purple Block
    • Purple Block
    • Purple block like the ones at the studio. (Half the width of the blue blocks.)

    • $10.00

  • Equipment-Belt
    • Belt
    • Belt like the ones at the studio.

    • $12.00

    • Sand Bag
    • Picture coming soon...



      Sand Bag like the ones at the studio. Note: This is just the bag. You put the sand in yourself.

    • $16.00

  • Equipment-Mat
    • Mat
    • Mat like the ones at the studio.

    • Size/Colour
      Grey 180cm x 60cm x 6mm thick $32
      Blue 200cm x 60cm x 6mm thick $35

  • Equipment-Blanket
    • Blanket
    • A blanket like the studio ones (pictured), but the edging is blue.

    • $30.00

  • Equipment-Bolster
    • Bolster
    • Similar to the bolsters at the studio (pictured).

    • $70.00

  • Equipment-Foam Pad
    • Foam Pad
    • A foam pad like the ones at the studio. For sitting on, laying with legs up the wall or shoulderstand.

    • $34.00

  • Equipment-Preliminary Course Book
    • Preliminary Course Book
    • Geeta Iyengar's Preliminary Course Book. Gives simple, accurate instructions for most of the poses we cover in our Foundations classes.

    • $22.00