Timetable Updates

Penrith Yoga Studio
An Iyengar Yoga School

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Timetable Updates January 2019

New: Thursday 12:35pm Lunchtime Foundations (school terms only)
Cancelled: Thursday 10:30am
Saturday 7am General (moved from 8:30)
New: Saturday 8:30am Foundations
New: Sunday 8:30am Advanced
Sunday 10:15am Plus Size (moved from 10am)

Timetable Updates April 23, 2018

75 minute foundations classes:
Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 5:30pm
Monday 10:30
These classes are still foundations classes, but will suit ongoing students as well as new students.

Timetable Updates December 2017

Name change only: "Beginners" classes are now called "Foundations".
Monday 10:30 class is now a Foundations class, but still 75 minutes long.

Timetable Updates November 2017

From November 12, all Before Work classes run from 7:15 to 8am.

Timetable Updates May-July 2017

The following changes have been made to the timetable:

What's Starting? New Classes

Monday 10:30am General starting May 29
Monday 5:45pm Beginners starting July 10
Monday 7pm General starting July 10
Wednesday 5:30pm General starting July 12
Sunday 11:15am Experienced Led Practice starting July 9 (See minimum requirements.)

What's Stopping? Cancelled Classes

Monday 10:30am Beginners. (Changing to General.)
Monday, Thursday, Friday 12pm Lunchtime. No more lunchtime classes.
Wednesday 5:45pm Beginners. (Changing to General.)