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Penrith Yoga Studio
An Iyengar Yoga School


If you have no experience in yoga, a Beginners Course is the place to start.

  1. Beginners classes are 1 hour. (Before Work-Beginners classes are 45 minutes.)
  2. See the timetable for a full list of classes in the Beginners Course.
  3. Basic standing poses and sitting poses are covered, with an introduction to some other poses.
  4. Choose a Beginners Pass with unlimited attendance or 1 class/week attendance. A Beginners Pass is valid for the period of a 5 week Beginners Course.
Beginners Courses 2018

A Beginners Pass will cover a 5 week course. An Introduction to Yoga for Teenagers Pass will cover a 5 week course and 3 Foundations or General classes.

  1. 8 January - 11 February
  2. 12 February - 18 March
  3. 19 March - 22 April
  4. 23 April - 27 May
  5. 28 May - 1 July
  6. 2 July - 5 August
  7. 6 August - 9 September
  8. 10 September - 14 October
  9. 15 October - 18 November
  10. 19 November - 23 December

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Penrith Yoga


Foundations classes are a similar level to Beginners with a slightly expanded syllabus.

  1. Foundations classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. Foundations classes will suit new and ongoing students alike.
  3. See the timetable for a full list of Foundations classes.
  4. Expect some inversions and sitting poses in addition to what's in the Beginners Course.
  5. To come to Foundations classes choose a membership or a class pack.

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Penrith Yoga


General classes are for students with some yoga experience. This may be from another Iyengar yoga studio, or may be from our beginners courses and/or foundations classes. We build on foundations. General classes include a wider variety of poses than Foundations classes but cater to your level of ability.

  1. Most general classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. We also have before work classes for general students that last 45 minutes. We suggest you come to at least 2 of these shorter classes per week.
  3. See the timetable for a full list of general classes.
  4. Purchase a membership or class pack to come to general classes. There are some student and seniors discounts for memberships.

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Penrith Yoga

Plus Size

Plus Size classes are specially geared to plus size women.

  1. The definition of plus size is simply women who identify as plus size.
  2. The aim is to provide a class that women can feel comfortable in.
  3. Some modifications are made to poses to allow for plus size women.
  4. Look for Plus Size-Beginners on the timetable.
  5. Let us know if you are interested in plus size but can't find a class at the right time.
  6. To get started in plus size, most people purchase a Beginners Pass.
  7. If you only attend the Plus Size class, you might prefer a Class Pack or Monthly Membership.

If you are interested in plus size classes, these blog entries may be of interest to you:

  1. Yoga - Changing Us From The Inside
  2. The Afflictions - Limiting Clear Thinking

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Penrith Yoga PLus Size

Rest and Restore

Rest and Restore is a quiet, restorative practice on the second Friday of the month.

  1. Suitable for students attending Foundations, Plus Size and General classes.
  2. Minimum requirement is completion of a 5-week Beginners Course with us, or equivalent Iyengar Yoga experience.
  3. Rest and Restore is monthly, 2nd Friday of the month, 6:30pm till 8pm. See the timetable for exact dates.
  4. To attend Rest and Restore classes, you will need a membership or a class pack.

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Rest and Restore


Helen ran a popular, award-winning seniors class in Springwood for some years ( Blue Mountains City Council Seniors Awards 2016 - Springwood Yoga Studio). We have decided at Penrith Yoga Studio not to run a seniors class, but to accommodate seniors in our beginners courses. The beginners course is foundational, and students can attend beginners classes indefinitely if they wish to. Many seniors will find that, in time they can progress to general classes though they may need to take a little longer than other students.

There are no stairs to access the studio. Use the lift to level 3.

We do have seniors rates to make yoga affordable for all.

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Penrith Yoga Seniors Classes


Experienced classes are not currently scheduled on the public timetable. A small group of students are gathered together at times to see if they can go a little further in their practice. This class is for students who have some years of yoga experience. Minimum requirements for attendance are:

  1. Students are regularly attending general classes at Penrith Yoga Studio or another Iyengar Yoga Studio. If your yoga experience is not from an Iyengar School, please check with us.
  2. Students have an established home practice.
  3. Students are able to be in Salamba Sirsasana (headstand) for at least 5 minutes, or know their alternative.
  4. Students are able to be in Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) for at least 5 minutes or know their alternative.
  5. Students are able to push up into Urdhva Danurasana (full backbend from the floor).
  6. Students take responsibility for themselves during the class. Where alternatives are required, the teacher can assist with making an appropriate choice, but students are expected to be proactive and largely self-reliant.
  7. A membership or a Class Pack can be used for attendance at the experienced class.

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Penrith Yoga Experienced Classes