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Creating a Yoga Space

Mar 18 2019, - by Helen Clear

I have been looking through the teachers' notes from the Home Practice Workshop recently. In the Home Practice Workshop, we conduct an exercise where we consider the space that we use for yoga at home, and what makes it a space that's conducive to yoga. We tend to take for granted that the space here at the studio is conducive to a yoga practice, but a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the space that we all come to in Penrith Yoga Studio. ..


Perception is Reality?

Nov 06 2018, - by Helen Clear

This morning in class I showed Kate how, because she hyperextends her knee, when she bends the knee (just slightly), her leg is straight. She gave me a look like she thought I might be a little bit crazy. She said, “but it doesn’t feel straight”. ..


What Is Iyengar Yoga? A Personal Perspective

Jan 17 2018, - by Helen Clear

We recently added the phrase “An Iyengar Yoga School” to our website. As certified Iyengar Yoga teachers we have permission to use this phrase. We also have a page on our website “Why Iyengar Yoga?” You will find that most Iyengar Yoga studios have a similar page. ..


As the Nike ads say, “Just do it”.

Oct 28 2017, - by Helen Clear

Bad back? Depression? Insomnia? Just ask Joe! A tailored yoga practice can assist with these, and many other conditions.  ..


Why Standing Poses? Answer 3

Sep 19 2017, - by Bruce Standley

This blog is the last in our series on standing poses. In this discussion, Bruce looks at his own experience of how standing poses have helped him access other yoga poses.  ..


In Search of the Perfect Pose

Aug 23 2017, - by Helen Clear

I read an article recently that described Iyengar yoga as being in search of the "perfect" pose. My first reaction was defensive: That's not true. That's a misunderstanding of Iyengar yoga. The concept of a perfect pose implies a superficial view of the pose as observed from the outside. But let's consider perfection as presented in the yoga sutras. Patanjali says that  ..


Yoga - Changing Us From The Inside

Mar 29 2017, - by Helen Clear

If you’ve ever imposed a lifestyle change on yourself, whether it be around food, drink, smoking, or exercise, you’ll know that it doesn’t always last.  ..


Getting the most out of Yoga: The Importance of Practice and Non-Attachment

Nov 23 2016, - by Bruce Standley

We are all familiar with the saying that ‘practice makes perfect’. Yet with yoga, ‘practice’ is seen as only one part of the equation. ..