Yoga Before Work

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Yoga Before Work

Before Work Yoga classes are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 7:15am, finishing 8am, allowing you to be on the 8:15am train to the city, or straight to work if you work in or near Penrith.

Get your morning exercise then get on with your day.

Membership allows attendance at all 4 before work classes.

7:15am Yoga
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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

* 10:30am classes are moving to 8:15 on February 11.
This timetable is indicative only. Please confirm your class by making a reservation.

  • Before Work - 1 Week Pass
    • Before Work - 1 Week Pass
    • Try it out!

      Come to Before Work classses for a week.

      This pass is only valid for Before Work classes.
      The pass will expire 1 week after the first attendance.

    • $40.00

  • Membership - Weekly Payments
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    • Allows unlimited attendance at all classes (excluding workshops) per week. Payment is debited weekly from your credit card.

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