Beginners Yoga Courses

Beginners Courses run for 5 weeks. A Beginners Pass allows attendance at Beginners and Plus Size classes for the duration of the course.
Choose 1 Class/Week or an Unlimited Pass.
Next Beginners Courses September 9 to October 13


• Membership payments can be stopped and started if you will be away.
• Membership can be cancelled without penalty.
• All memberships have concession rates available

Studio Notices

• Starting This Week: Beginners Courses
• This Friday September 13 6:30pm: Rest & Restore
• We support the Global Climate Strike on Friday September 20.
You can come to the 7:15am or 8:15am class and have time to attend a rally locally on in the city.
• See our latest blog: Facing Fear


Yoga For Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga is a physical practice, which can help us to develop greater strength and flexibility.
It offers benefits beyond the physical, improving our ability to handle stress and to concentrate. When practiced regularly, yoga can help us to feel more connected with ourselves and those around us. Yoga can also be used specifically to address health issues - as part of a management plan, yoga can assist with a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression and back pain.

Quality Teaching

The teachers at the school are certified Iyengar Yoga teachers or teachers training in the Iyengar method. Training in Iyengar yoga is a rigorous process. It takes many years, involves the study of anatomy and physiology and an apprenticeship with a senior teacher. Once certified, teachers of Iyengar yoga continue to engage in ongoing professional development to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Convenient, Equipped, Full Timetable

A short stroll from Penrith Station and Westfield Penrith. Parking is very close by at the Plaza and across the railway in the north commuter car park. The yoga studio can be accessed via a lift from Station Street and the Plaza’s underground car park. We run a full timetable with classes throughout the day and weekends.
There is no need to bring equipment. We have all that you need.